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The 7 What ???

Well I know one of the W’s means Wales, but the rest are a bit of a mystery. 

The 7W’s was created and named by Daf Phillips, back in Autumn 2000 andDaf can’t remember what the 7W’s stand for or even why there’s seven.  So it’s just known as 7W’s, which is fine by me because even if I was told,  I’d never remember.  





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“Being a 7W’s Run Leader is like herding kittens”  LouD Trip 21

Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter how many times you do it, you always come back home feeling you’ve been part of something so brilliant, something so elevating, you just want to go back and do it all over again.  What qualifies me to say this?  Well I’ve been involved in organizing this trip since Autumn 2004, and my mate and fellow Observer Steve Watson since Spring 2006.  We run this trip around late March and early October every year.    We’ve thought about going somewhere else, but just can’t get enough of those Welsh roads. 

I think anyone who is involved regularly with the 7W’s trip would tell you that our remit is allow riders to up their own riding standard in as safe and controlled environment as is possible.   There is nothing like practice, whatever level you are at, and 3 days and 500 – 600 miles of riding fabulous roads can have a pretty dramatic effect.  So to get a little flavor of what this trip is about, read some of the write-ups, particularly Colin’s (Trip 10) and Ashley’s (Trip 17).

Safe riding all Louise

Louise Dickinson,  7W’s Run Organiser                                     


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