The Wooden Spoon Awards

Some people will go home happy, and some won’t…. It’s your choice


Any rider, including run leaders, can be nominated for one of these prestigious awards. Some previous recipients have embraced their awards, some have hidden them deep in a lake, weighted down with large pieces of rock.

The awards are as follows:

  • Crap Marker
    Given to someone who succeeds in splitting a run up and sending riders to Scotland insteads of Wales.
  • Simon Rawlins Horsebox Overtake award
    Presented for outstanding courage in taking that overtake despite the solid white lines, stone walls, looming mountains or (and) horse boxes.
  • GNOB
    The Top 7W’s award and highly prized, this is given to someone who, for example, is determined to turn their bike around despite gravity, loose shingle, 45degree slopes and the fact that 50 yds up the road is a really nice flat wide layby. Named after the GNATS own Mike (GNOBBER) Walden.
  • Restrospective GNOB award
    Presented at the next attended 7W’s trip to someone who, AFTER the previous trip’s Saturday evening awards ceremony, demonstrated such a high degree of GNOBBISH behaviour, that they would definately have been awarded the coveted GNOB award.This award is not time barred and anyone may be nominated for anything witnessed and deemed worthy from the end of one awards ceremony to the beginning of the next 7W’s trip.
  • Diamond
    For someone who goes out of their way to e.g. pick up a ZZR for the 10th time when everyone else has buggered off for a cup of tea.

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